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Horse Safari

Get an outstanding horse safari starting in the beautiful countryside and riding to Pushkar Camel Fair on fine Marwari horses. Other activities include horse safari, horse trekking, horse riding, and Pushkar Fair for riders. This exhilarating ride captures the spirit of a traditional journey to the great mela. The safari is accompanied by a friendly, experienced team who take great care of both horses and riders.

Camel Safari

We provide half day and full day camel safari and camel cart safari in pushkar city and nearest villages. Overnight Camel Safari Pushkar Starting around 3.30 Pm From Pushkar Festival Ground or hotel (in which you are staying) in pushkar city.

Jeep Safari

Jeep safari starts from Pushkar fair ground or Pushkar Ranch Resort At between 5 to 6 PM. [Before 45 min. from sunset.] And then we reached at sunset point

Quad Biking Tour In Pushkar

If you love exploring the deserts, then this tour is the perfect fit for you. Enthrall in this exciting 15 minutes quad biking experience which will starts from the Pushkar Ranch Resort. Explore the desert in a 90cc, 200cc, or 300cc ATV for the ultimate fun. Ride through the city and enjoy the amazing view and the cityscape before stepping into the desert. Once you reach the desert, ride through the sand dunes for the ultimate fun and adventure.

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Pushkar Lake is considered as the holiest lake in India. This water reservoir is enclosed by 52 ghats (personal ghats for 52 Maharajas of India) and 500 temples. According to a Hindu mythology, this lake was created by the fallen petals of Lord Brahma's lotus when he was destroying the demon Vajra Nabha. Lotus petals were struck at a particular place and water spurted from there giving it the shape of a pious. The charm of Pushkar Lake is also mentioned in some old books like Abhigyan Sakuntalam, Mahabharat and Ramayana. A dip in this holy water can purify one from all the sins, troubles and ailments. Sacred to the Hindus as well as the Sikhs, this lake has its mention in history since the 14th century.


The Jagatpati Brahma Mandir is the temple of Hindus located at Pushkar in the state of Rajasthan. This temple is dedicated to creator God, Brahma and is the most prominent shrines of Pushkar. The temple is made of stone stabs and marble. The red-colored shikara is a distinguishing feature of the temple and it also has a hamsa bird motif. Pillared canopies decorate the entrance of the temple. The outdoor hall of the temple is known as the mandapa and the interior of the temple is called the garbha griha. The walls inside the temple are inlaid with thousands of silver coins on which the devotees have written their names which marks as a sign of their offering to Lord Brahma.


The Pushkar Fair (Pushkar Camel Fair) or Pushkar Mela, as it is locally known as, is an annual five day camel and livestock fair held in the town of Pushkar between the months of October and November. It is one of the world's largest cattle fairs. Apart from the buying and selling of livestock, it has become an important tourist attraction. Competitions such as the ‘matka phod’, ‘longest moustache’ and ‘bridal competition’ are the main draws for this fair which attracts thousands of tourists. In recent years, the fair has also included an exhibition football match between the local Pushkar Club and a team of foreign tourists.


Savitri temple in Pushkar is situated on the Ratnagiri hill, a considerably formidable climb around the Pushkar Lake. The climb to the temple premises after scaling the Ratnagiri hill is quite challenging and not for the faint-hearted. However, legend has it that the hard work and toil spent in scaling the hill to reach the temple is credited to one's spiritual accumulation of wealth. Although there is a rope way cable car for those who cannot climb stairs.

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